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Fig Tree Catering’s most frequently asked questions answered here.  Have more questions? If yes, then call us or book an appointment with us today!

FAQ Frequent Asked Event Catering Questions

Yes. The tasting is our gift to you as an investment in obtaining your business!

When we begin to plan your catering order, you will be presented with meal options and bundles that are divided per individual. This can make it easier for you to determine just how much food to order! Options include per plate, or even bigger buffet amounts that will feed multiple guests per tray of food

Cost is dependent on the event and the number of guests. Be prepared to spend between $30 – $100 per head; on the higher end if it is for a wedding. Ask about quantity discounts.

Weddings, anniversaries, and general parties fall into the category of special occasions, whereas corporate events include meetings, conventions and summits. Clients hosting special events are going to have more of an emotional link to what we produce for them.

If you hire a caterer, you’re not merely purchasing food, you’re getting service as well. Fees rolled into this include wait staff, set-up, vehicle costs, and more. Especially if you are having a huge wedding, labour expenses will be large due to volume of staff and schedule of meal service. Keep reading for more FAQ Frequently Asked Catering Questions.

The brief answer is: since caterers know what they’re doing. Caterers have expertise. They know how to please your visitors and can even indicate great places to host your event at. 

A Note About Pricing 

When looking at the price estimate, remember that a caterer will save you money in the long run by giving invaluable advice and putting everything together so that you don’t have to. Conserve your own sanity and hire a caterer!

In Reno, Nevada and the surrounding areas, Fig Tree Catering is the only kosher catering company also offering regular catering services. When it comes to event planning, one of the main concerns is the meal that you’ll serve your guests. You need to serve something delicious that also meets their dietary needs. Fig Tree Catering strives to offer you exactly what you and your guests need, providing delicious food that everyone will be talking about long after the event is over.

The sooner, the better. Many couples reserve as early as a year in advance! When you know who you want, don’t hesitate to reserve them.

Yes! Any good caterer can. That is the beauty of catering –you meet us and together we create the perfect meal for the function or occasion!

At Fig Tree Catering, we are a full service catering company. That means that when you hire us to provide you your food service, we also provide dishes and serving staff for your event. Don’t worry about more details than you have to. We know that an event requires lots of planning and services. It our job to make sure that all of your food related services are taken care of from plateware to drinks and serving staff.

Why Experience Matters

We are experienced in catering and will help you plan out everything related to the food from cutting the cake to putting the coffee on and ensuring your guests are well attended.

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